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CottonWoolBaby Studio

CottonWoolBaby Studio

Poetic thought

Windy Nights
by Robert Louis Stevenson

Whenever the moon and stars are set,
Whenever the wind is high,
All night long in the dark and wet,
A man goes riding by.
Late in the night when the fires are out,
Why does he gallop and gallop about?

Whenever the trees are crying aloud,
And ships are tossed at sea,
By, on the highway, low and loud,
By at the gallop goes he.
By at the gallop he goes, and then
By he comes back at the gallop again.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Final sanding on Birdie's Head

Birdie's head, with styrofoam pate inserted, is ready for her fabric covering;  one of the most delicate and difficult parts of this process. The fabric must be just the right texture, all humidity conditions need to be favorable, and I need to able to work with no interruptions. The adhesive must not clump but be sticky enough and worked into every crevice, and the fabric needs to go on without a wrinkle or the whole thing has to be pulled off and hope that the residue doesn't cause problems as I ease on another piece of fabric.

I will handle the adhesive difficulties with tiny disposable paintbrushes and the fabric eccentricities by making sure that I have at least two large squares of the proper texture and color waiting at my right hand, but the no interruptions is one that I haven't figured out yet. Someone will bang on the door and the phone will ring, but I'm getting better at ignoring both!

More soon!


Susie McMahon said...

Looking good! I wonder if you do the clothover process the same as I do? You are right - it is challenging, especially if it is important that there is no glue seepage through to the surface. I usually paint mine completely, but I have done a few where I leave the fabric finish. Look forward to seeing more of this doll!

M.E.W said...

I have been fascinated with your method, which is very similar to what I do. I learned what I know from a book about the artist Carole Bowling, though many of her materials are hard to find and I "make do" the best I can. Once I get that fabric on just right though, the painting is the best part of the whole experience!

Susie McMahon said...

Well - you do a great job with the painting - your love for it shows!

I've have tried for many years to get hold of that book by Carole Bowling - seems like it is as rare as hen's teeth! I don't think there was a very big print run and I don't think it has ever been re-printed. Anyway, I've never seen it, but I would sure like to!