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CottonWoolBaby Studio

CottonWoolBaby Studio

Poetic thought

Windy Nights
by Robert Louis Stevenson

Whenever the moon and stars are set,
Whenever the wind is high,
All night long in the dark and wet,
A man goes riding by.
Late in the night when the fires are out,
Why does he gallop and gallop about?

Whenever the trees are crying aloud,
And ships are tossed at sea,
By, on the highway, low and loud,
By at the gallop goes he.
By at the gallop he goes, and then
By he comes back at the gallop again.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

One Down, Three to Go

I finally put the finishing touches on Birdie, my Fairy in the Wind Soft Sculpture.
She really came together at the end, and will get packed up to go to Convention as soon as possible.
Now I can concentrate on the other three new pieces; Grapefruit Baby, about three quarters done and waiting for her oversized Grapefruit basket, Mary Jane, who is waiting for my unsurpassed costuming skills (lol), and Adri, an Indian boy whose head sculpt I would spend all day with if I could.
So things are progressing, and though I'm sure I will still be scrambling the night before I have to leave, I'm beginning to see beyond these four to wonder what's next?
I have two or three ideas that are jostling around in my head wanting to be the next to "come to life" !

Saturday, March 3, 2012

There May be Kittens Along with the Spring Blooms...

Our little stray kitty who showed up last summer with her Mother may have some little strays of her own any day.
I knew what I was in for when I let her hang around and get friendly, but what's a soft hearted person supposed to do when another cat gets abandoned and ends up in your back yard? Her Mama disappeared in the Fall, and she was all alone.
She quickly found friends, probably cousins, who heard that there would be a place to get in out of the rain and maybe something to eat.
Our little core group of three; the original we called Nanny after she brought a kitten about her age called Tyler, and then Tyler's Mama seen in the photo above.
Soon our poor Nanny was attracting every male in the neighborhood, and now she's definitely about to be a Mom.
The sad ending to all of this is that all of them, kittens included, will end up living outside because they are too wild to be caught in cages. By me anyway.
When this same scenario happened years ago, I was able to take in one of the kittens and give it a home, but this time around that space is occupied by Mocha, also a rescue from a shelter, who I have been warned will not tolerate any other cats.  
She's been through enough trauma herself in her nine years, and I have no desire to put her through any more.

So for now we wait, and hope that those who started all this by abandoning Nanny's Dad get their just reward.
Nanny's Dad, by the way, who we just call Dad, an unneutered beautiful pure black whose family picked up and left him without a backward glance, still comes around infrequently but has made a life for himself a few blocks away, scrounging food and living in the condemned house his family moved out of, making more kittens who will become the problem of the people in that area who choose to take pity on them...
No good ending to this story, except that summer is coming and all the poor orphans will get a break while we try to get a handle on this out of control situation before next Winter.